A little of Fantasy

A World of Fantasy! Disneyland! Check out the New Portfolio Gallery, FANTASY. The best shots in Disneyland! Hope you enjoy!

Moms & Babies - Photo Sessions

Hi you all! Many thanks for this great time and Moms & Babies for the partnership. Information: The sessions with blank name were sent an email with the gallery invite to access with the respective password. The sessions with the name in red, they have not yet been finalized and the email with the gallery invitation has not yet been sent. 5 of the photo sessions are ready, the others will be finalized soon and the respective emails will be sent. I hope you like it! :)

Moms & Babies - Photo Sessions

Soon all the galleries will be ready. You all will receive ane-mail with the gallery invite to access with the respective password.

Moms of LISBON

Partnership with Moms and Babies - Pregnancy Guide. To all future Moms and Babies the Invitation is !! :) & MERRY CHRISTMAS :) Moms of LISBON and surrounding area! Hospital Beatriz Ângelo | 12 and 13 December - 10am to 6pm Gratuita Free Photo Session for Pregnant Women * 💝 Offering a digital photograph 💝 💓 with Bruno Rato Photography Show up!! Enjoy to make your Christmas session 🎅 💓 ... we will have more miminhos and surprises for you! Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu * According to availability, on a first-come, first-served basis Location: Floor 1 - Obstetrics consultation zone

Photojournalism Exhibition @ I.P.F.

Exhibition of Photojournalism with Works of the students of the Photojournalism module of the Professional Photography Course @ I.P.F., Lisbon, Portugal 2016

Weekend in Paris

Soon some great photographs in this great City. Hope you enjoy! :)

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