Bruno Moreira Rato is a Portuguese photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal and works as a freelance/professional photographer and photography is his passion.

He studied photography techniques and composition, advanced studio lighting and did several workshops with several coaches ( Etc) and also studied a professional course at IPF (Portuguese Institute of Photography).
He has a photo studio and has always been true to his taste, Canon.

In these wonderful ten years he has done several types of photographic works, several studio and outdoor sessions, editorials, work with companies, coverage of events, performances etc.
He is also a photographer / photojournalist for United Photo Press and has participated in many national and international exhibitions.

Available for studio and outdoor photoshoots, portrait/fashion productions, corporate photography and all type of covers, like corporate events, ceremonies or other.

Promotional material for any local businesses and promotional photography. Images can be licensed to companies, websites, cover art, etc. All rights reserved.

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